Photo Safari Africa

Photo Safari Africa is a consulting agency that specializes in providing personalized photo expeditions in the southern regions of Africa.

Our services are FREE... you pay the same price for the photography trip whether or not you utilize our services. Most African outfitters believe that their operations are second to none...just ask them. What Photo Safari Africa prides itself in and why we have returning clients is that we match our clients expectations and goals with the African photo safari adventure that best fits that particular client. We don't try to sell you an experience that you don't want.

The advantage that Photo Safari Africa has over other African booking agencies is that we have actually been to these African outfitters that we promote. We have traveled Africa thoroughly. We have selected the few outfitters that we have had the greatest experiences with so you will know what to expect when booking a photo safari with Photo Safari Africa. We know the outfitters personally and work with them on a regular basis to get you the best prices for your desired African Safari.

Please browse through our website. If you can't find something that you have your heart set on then please contact us and we will be happy to help you find it!

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